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Volunteer Services

Ask About our Volunteer Opportunities!


Volunteer to play at one or more of our four annual concerts.
Volunteer to play at fund raising events and small run-out concerts.
Volunteer to work with low-income youth and help us establish an education outreach program (program still being established).
Give presentations to high school music directors and students about The Philharmonia mentorship program and performing in an orchestra.


Development & Marketing

Join our fundraising committee.
Assist in planning and staffing our fund raising events.
Participate in our annual fund drive and secure individual donations.
Help with grant research and proposal writing.
Join (and help establish) our Markeing Committee and increase our community visability.


Join (and help establish) our education committee.
Help plan and coordinate run-out concerts to reach wider audiences in the Kansas City region.
Assist in establishing an education program to reach low-income youth.


Join our Board.
Assist with donor/volunteer recognition events or other small events.
Donate your graphic design or professional services.
Let us know what you would like to see happen, and how you would like to become involved.

Contact Us for More Information!

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