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Raffaele Cipriano

Raffaele Cipriano, conductor

Raffaele Cipriano is an Italian conductor, composer, and pianist, as well as a computer scientist. He earned bachelor’s degrees in piano performance and orchestral conducting at the Conservatories of Padova and Venice and studied with Romolo Gessi at the European Academy of Conducting in Vicenza.

Raffaele earned his Master of Music in collaborative piano - opera coaching in Padova, studied compostion with Giovanni Bonato while serving as his assistant for several years. Cipriano earned his Doctorate in orchestral conducting at the University of Kansas. He has conducted in such venues as the Olimpic Theatre in Vicenza, the Pollini Auditorium in Padova, and the St. Mark Cathedral in Venice. He wrote the short opera “Cecè”, based on a play by the Italian Nobel Prize winner Luigi Pirandello. which has been performed in Venice and Padova,

He was vocal coach and music conductor for the opera, “Prima la musica, poi le parole,” by Antonio Salieri, at the International Chamber Music Festival in Lapedona, Italy and has numerous conducting credits in Lawrence, KS.

Cipriano also has an academic background in information technology with a Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Udine and post doctoral research on artifical intelligence at New Mexico State University.

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