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Supporting the Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City

All contributions are appreciated. Below is a listing of the titles and benefits associated with levels of contributions.

Feel good about your contribution and help  foster creative collaborations.
$50 Supports our administrative staff who make sure all concerts and programs run smoothly.

Up to $75


Receive one concert ticket.
$125 Covers the cost of music purchase for a concerts.

$75 - $149

Principal Chair

Receive two concert tickets.
$250 Fund the award for our college composition competition.

$150 - $299


Receive four concert tickets.
$400 Funds a donor recognition event to thank our musicians, board members, and other volunteers.

$300 - $499

Conductor's Circle

Receive six concert tickets.
$800 Helps provide music education to low-income youth.

$500 - $999


Receive tickets and advertising discounts.
$1,200  Covers the cost of a soloist.
$2,500  Provides funding for a run-out concert and help us reach new audiences in the KC area.

$1,000 - $3,999

Concert Sponsor

Receive tickets, advertising discounts, lobby signage.
$6,000  Purchases musical instruments such as new timpani.

$4,000 - $7,999

Concert Underwriter

Receive tickets, advertising discounts, lobby signage, private concert by the Ambassadors of the Philharmonia.
$12,500 Covers the entire cost of any one of our four concerts!

We accept corporate matching gifts as well so don't forget to check with your organization for additional support of The Philharmonia of Greater Kansas City!

$8,000 +

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