F E A T U R E D   R E V I E W S

E V E N T S​


“A one of a kind concert… each note had a life of its own.”

“Played with burning passion and astonishing accuracy.”



A Sign of the Times...

The social separation necessitated locally and nationally has deeply affected our ability to share our passion, great music, with you and each other. 

The strong desire to perform for our audiences and ourselves compels us to return to the stage as quickly as possible while as safely as practical. 

Behind the scenes, we are working to find the best way to bring music back to our home at the Grand Avenue Temple. 

We are reminded that when we see a duck or swan glide smoothly across  a lake, what we don't see is the furious paddling occurring beneath the water's surface.

Likewise, in the background, we are thoroughly scouring the possibilities for additional funding for our upcoming season since much has been re-purposed to fill the emergency health needs of the region.

You can help, too. 

If you have a helpful idea, a promising referral, a friend or neighbor who has recently won the lottery, let us know.

We welcome your assistance in whatever way you can participate.


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