Grand Avenue Temple

Grand Avenue Temple


    Grand Avenue Temple

Address:     205 E 9th St, Kansas City, MO 64106

Phone:        (816) 842-3484


The Structure

Designed and built at the heighth of the 'Mechanical Era', when big ideas, big buildings and new concepts on construction coincided with the recognition of each individual's worth and importance to society.   The Progressive Movement's influence for everyman's need and desire for personal growth and  fulfillment combined with a deep religiosity during the era gave life to this unique building that has served both sacred and secular communities faithfully since 1912.


The Temple's acoustic design accomodates equally the spoken word, the delicate intricacies as well as the sheer power of musical instruments played within its walls, such as its historically unique E M Skinner 'Opus 190' pipe organ.  This versatility has allowed the Grand Avenue Temple to have its prominent spot in Kansas City history and to attract artists both national and international.